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For our 9 year..., the process of doing her lifebook was extremely helpful to her. She was able to go back into her past and process a lot of things that were never clear to her. She has a much better understanding of where and how she came to be where she is now. She now has her early childhood documented and will be with her always. She can bring out her book anytime to either share with those she chooses or just revisit those early years. This project though time consuming and at times difficult is worth every minute when you see you child smile and share her past with you.
Cathy M., parent

I appreciate my Life Book because whenever I want to look at my memories, I can just go read it so I never forget my past. Since I was little when all the dramatic things took place in my life, I probably wouldn't have remembered it when I grew up. Now that I made my Life Book as it happened I won't forget it. When I become an adult and have a family, I can go back to it and share my life with them and show them pictures from when I was little.
Antwoin, a teenager

The Life Book was a true blessing and a precious gift to us. It provided answers to many questions and understanding of our son on a level we could not have imagined. It enabled us to have insight into his life during the years prior to his "birth" into our family. His Life Book deeply spoke to our hearts and through it we have been able to experience a little of what he went through that brought him into our lives. We can teach and speak with clarity about matters dear to his heart and help prepare him to make wise decisions about his future. It has been a God send.
Antwoin's parents, L & K

The creating of the Life Book was very valuable for our son. About a year after completing his Life Book, his birth mother passed away. These memories will be invaluable to him. As our son is a very visual child, the hands on experience of creating his own book, was extremely therapeutic. He was able to express his feelings and to gain an understanding of why he entered Foster Care.

The concept of past, present, future is a wonderful way of letting a child understand the adoptive family wants to be a part of the entire child.

When I asked our son about his experience of creating his Life Book he said "it was a lot of fun"
T & S., parents